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The Process

Mediation is a conflict resolution process that helps disputing parties communicate their concerns and consider possible solutions. It provides a confidential opportunity for impacted individuals to come together in a supportive setting in order to find a greater understanding of what has happened, and why, while exploring options for what needs to happen next in order to clarify and settle grievances.

The mediator’s role is to guide the parties through a structured and civil discussion of the shared problem while asking questions, exploring conflict undercurrents, identifying needs, and providing, throughout, a safe space for everyone to express concerns and needs.

This is a chance for the involved parties to talk, listen, clarify, and respond to one another as we seek together an achievable outcome that works for everyone.

In advance of mediation, the mediator will have an initial conversation with each party in order to better understand differing perspectives of the issue(s).

A location and meeting time convenient to all will then be scheduled, at which time the process, guidelines, and ground rules will be fully explained so that all may participate with confidence and trust.

The dispute resolution process helps to:

  • meet the needs of all parties
  • improve communication and relationships
  • define issues and concerns
  • clarify viewpoints, interests and positions
  • reach general understandings
  • generate options and alternatives for resolving problems
  • and…..where appropriate, develop an agreement that is practical, realistic, and workable to implement

“I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Susan since 2003 in a number of capacities. I have found her to be an insightful, compassionate, conscientious, and extremely capable ADR practitioner.”

Donna Salazar

Attorney and Mediation Coordinator
San Francisco Office of Citizen Complaints

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