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Susan Stone’s mediation services specialize in family dispute conferencing, juvenile delinquency, victim-offender, and community dispute resolutions.

Mediation is a conflict resolution process that helps disputing parties communicate their concerns, consider possible solutions, and achieve workable outcomes. It provides a confidential opportunity for impacted individuals to come together in a supportive setting in order to find a greater understanding of what has happened, and why… and to explore and determine what can happen next.

“Susan has provided an invaluable service working with our juvenile offender mediation program for over ten years. Her compassion and connection with youth and victims of crime help address the resulting impact of criminal and disruptive behaviors. Through our program she’s helped offenders and their victims reach basic understandings and/ or achieve negotiated agreements about what must happen to make things as right as possible for all parties.”

David A. Cherniss, Esq.
ADR Managing Attorney San Mateo Superior Court

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